Slovenia- Bled, Ljubljana,Postojna

by Marco Marco
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I liked Slovenia, is a country very beautiful , looks like a garden - flower houses have windows and everything looks so neat, that you cannot make a difference who's home and who's guesthouse it is. The national roads are very narrow but full of curves and without GPS I think it's pretty hard…switching from Austria in Slovenia has been through a very steep but picturesque…On this occasion we found the on the mountains a Nazi concentration camp ….impressive…..and around 14 o'clock we were in Bled , which is very quiet and beautiful, a lot of people on bikes and on the lake by boat. It is also very beautiful view of the lake from the city on the hill. Then we went to Ljubljana where we arrived at 17….we visited the old town where we look for accommodation….but we shifted to a hostel at about 15 km back to Bled, where we stayed for 40 eur / room for 2 people. The conditions were not too good , but it was only with reasonable price , others asked us 60 eur / person , and anyway we needed just a place to sleep….the next day, Sunday morning , we went to Postojna , which is worth seeing …about 3 hours with a train . It is something spectacular . Then we went to the castle Predjama where I caught day tournament - very interesting castle , built at the entrance to a cave. At the chapter food ….contains traditional food and is very consistent. (prices between 6.5 and 11 eur vary by region). A strange combination but tasty I found all over the country - spaghetti with goulash.:) ….In conclusion….extraordinary and wonderful landscapes preserved, many English speakers, many villages , high prices and the atmosphere is quite dry…but might be an option to visit, especially if  you are in transit in this country. You must know that much of Slovenian cuisine comes from three main crops - the Pannonian, the Alpine and the Mediterranean. The oldest Slovenian dishes containing flour and cereal grain.


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