Reykjavik and Iceland's Northern Lights

by Miu
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I ventured on my journey to Iceland, full charged in mind and soul with the beautiful images seen on Google and other blogs. I mention that I left from London Luton Airport with the low-cost company Easyjet, destionation: Reykjavik - Keflavik Airport is located about 35 km from the city and transfer can be done with a shuttle bus that travels from 30 to 30 minutes. Price is quite expensive, around 30 euro / one way. Country's currency is Krona and 1 euro is approximately 160 krone. Shuttle bus leaves you in the central station, from where you could reach the hotel or what you're interested. Iceland's road to downtown is pretty disappointing, but once there, you feel a shiver, meaning a joy, at least in my case.

The desire to visit Iceland was due to the famous blue lagoon, detached from this world, that I wanted to see enormously. From the hotel, I bought a trip to the lagoon; around 35 Euros with shipping from the hotel to the lagoon, round trip, a buss took me to her in about 40 minutes...

The sensation is unique and could hardly be described in words, it's like worth year of expectations because now every second expected, worthwhile the effort...

You need to know that the Blue Lagoon is made on a lava formations, the water is maintained at a temperature between 37-39 degrees Celsius, while it is practically a volcano and water, blending harmoniously. Water is particularly rich in minerals and considered an excellent remedy against diseases. A notable thing is that a hot spring sends deep water to the surface, which is used primarily in turbines that generate electricity and also from the hot spring is filled the blue lagoon too.

Throughout the southern and eastern part of the island is full of mountains and glaciers , one of them is overflowing in the the scene is unbelievable...and there is also a suspended road in the mountains, completing a fairytale scene. If you have the chance to be a completely clear sky you see what makes so special Island... Aurora Borealis... a unique idyllic moment.

 ...and now comes an even more interesting aspect. If you will wake up in a hotel room and want to take a shower and the water has a strange colour and a lingering smell, do not worry. Almost all of Iceland is supply from hot springs and the water is extremely rich in properties, even though it gives the feeling of dirtiness.

... about food honestly I cannot tell, I have not tried anything, because I'm a vegetarian, and I had some problems with their specialties like: sharks, whales cooked and other kinds of cooked lives.

Regarding to the city aspect is exactly the same emblem of the Nordic countries, it seems valuated to the full, large windows, uniform buildings, cobblestone streets with shops, bars and basically everything you need. Prices are quite expensive, but you're in the Nordic countries ... right?

One of the fascinating things that impressed me was the waterfall Gulfoss – ‘’Golden Waterfall’’, a wonderful landscape ... breathtaking...sensational. Golden Waterfall is considered the largest waterfall in Europe, with a height of 35 meters, representing one of the most must see points in Iceland. Ohh..and the entrance is free.

So that was my weekend trip to a wonderful city, especially in contrasts, sobriety and warmth all at once.

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