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Have you ever thought that in Namib Desert, you could find an oasis of tranquillity and a lunar view?

Why you should integrate in a big cloud of dust and yellow gold reflections, where the dessert spread his entire splendour and dunes looks like infinity ... perhaps Namibia is a country that offers an experience of self-awareness, in a captivating world?

Namibia is clearly the spot where you can explore everything in his natural way and habitat. The essence of a fascinating world and its contrasts combinated with a delirious escapade. This is Namibia...and this is the journey.

Namibrand Reserve Nature Reserve,  is one of the largest private reservation in southern Africa, with hase a variety of animals such as oryx antelopes, cheetahs, leopards, rhinos, lions, antelope and more. Here are three camps extremely elegant, with ample spaces specially created for the travellers so the trip can be a memorable experience. The entire camp runs on solar power, hot water is a limited resource and the reception is two hours away. So if you look at all the things that seem normal, in your ordinaty life, perhaps realize that you are surrounded by a desert world where luxury is all about serenity, peace, simplicity and joy of making the time to work in your favor and not vice versa.

Another interesting experience is Etosha National Park. Here, the water has dried up a long time ago and  the ground shines blindingly white, because of salt deposits to the surface. This area has been protected since German colonial times and was formed in the place where once was a lake of  the size of Holland. In Etosha, if you have patience, you can see the animals in their natural environment as they gather around watering holes and then it’s the time to capture from the car, images, videos or simply enjoying the unique view. For sure the first sunset seen in Etosha prints deep in your soul.

Exploring Namibia, this patch of sand, quite wide, can be more exciting with a balloon trip above the Kalahari Desert (the oldest desert in the world, lies between South and South-West Africa, Botswana, South Africa and Namibia), where you can see the panoramic Namib desert and the highest dunes in the world, Sossusvlei. Lunar landscapes are truly detached from reality.

It's good to know that in this specific area are the controversial fairy cycles, circular patches of land without vegetation, with a diameter up to 12 meters, which is thought to be due the rain of meteors, termites or electromagnetic fields.

Insider Tips

  • Air Namibia operates daily flights to Windhoek (capital of Namibia) from Frankfurt or London even with good connections via Johannesburg.
  • In Namibia for lovers of meat, eat dry zebra, ostrich dry meat, but also cheese, fruits and cookies, coffee and tea, sweet potato and vegetables.
  • Balloon trip is a must do for admire what is left before a rainy summer...a desert covered with grass and flowers.
  • Etosha National Park, Masai Mara, Kruger and Serengeti are famous for safari and animal diversity.
  • In January and February you can see the abstract beauty of the desert covered with colourful flowers.
  • Namibia is a destination for any month of the year, though winter is not so hot, temperatures reaching 25 degrees Celsius day and 0 degrees Celsius at night.
  • The official language is English
  • The  Capital: Windhoek
  • Namibia's national currency: Namibian Dollar and Visa and Mastercard credit cards are generally accept.
  • For accommodation here:
  • The mobile phone coverage in Namibia is surprisingly good.
  • Buy your food in one of the gateway towns outside the Etosha, the variety of food is large and not so highly expensive.
  • Bring a cooler so can you fill it with ice to keep your food cold while you drive.
  • Lodges that are isolated will offer good and cheap food
  • When you want to order a beer, order a "draught beer" or "draught lager"
  • Fuel you car whenever is possible and drive safely.







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