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Basel is the third largest city in Switzerland after Zurich and Geneva, extending to the borders of Germany, France and Switzerland and being the starting point for traveling in extraordinary cities in all of these countries.

Basel is a constant source of inspiration for art lovers with its old medieval center (over 2,000 years of history), winding narrow streets, elegant boutiques and world-class art museums. Surprisingly, not as touristy as other Swiss cities, Basel has a history dating back 2000 years, to Celtic and Roman times.

Marktplatz leaves you with amazement, with its Rathaus, a 500-year-old red-brick building, the Renaissance palace that has been the city's Town Hall for centuries.

Cruises along the Rhine River or strolling across the bridge to the other side invites you to see the beauty of the Rhine and the fascinating Gothic Münster Cathedral perched on a hill high above river Rhine.

Every season in Basel is a delight. Whether we are talking about the autumn months when the leaves fall down on the banks of the Rhine, the almonds bloom in spring, the summer's freshness or the mild winter days when the Christmas fairs are starting and the scent of celebration ennobles the entire city.

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