Greece , a joy!

by Enia Marcian
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Ionian Islands starting with the northernmost, Lefkada, and ends with Kythira (Tsirigos), the latter being a mix ionic vegetation and Cycladic architecture.
Both in Corfu, Zakynthos and the access is by boat from Igoumenitsa feerry respectively Kilin or plane.

Corfu Airport is larger, the traffic is intense, and some tourists choose to tan very close to the track.
In Zakynthos traffic is allowed only during the day, at night keeping the peace was not frightened frogs Caretta Caretta-emblem Island.

Kerkyra (Corfu Town ) is a town in the Venetian and British influences are intertwined . The two fortresses , museums , St. Spiridon ( patron saint of the island) where there is the shrine with the relics , the Catholic church , the harbor , the Esplanade and the bazaar are so many reasons for you to get crazy looking for a parking place . A walk to step on narrow streets that sometimes two people can barely pass each other at a carriage ride on the Esplanade , or coffee enjoyed in the shade in one of the small cafes can be a respite after a day beach . At night, the lights are enchanting and the city more crowded than during the day .
Zante -town Venice is a city rebuilt from scratch after the earthquake of 1953 , the only building left standing after the earthquake the church of St. Dionysius . Although smaller than Kerkyra has a number of goals worth visiting : port , Piazza San Marco , the museum Dionysus Solomon ( poet who gave the Greek national anthem lyrics ) commercial street Alexandrou Roma and , why not , the hill Bohali who " watches "city . And here I saw streets like "Street Rope" but, unlike Kerkyra here all the streets are " parallels between parallel " and you cannot get lost. In Corfu, both resorts are located on the west side, and on the eastern side first with sandy beaches, the two pebble beaches. On some beaches water entry is made suddenly (Paleiokastritsa) on other mail (Marathias, Sidari) and in Acharavi so soft as water reached up to his chest to get him you risk Albanian border guards. :) Zakynthos wins hands many more sandy beaches, smooth entry into the water. On both islands we find land inaccessible beaches in bays Paleiokastritsei in Corfu and famous shipwreck beach, Navagio in Zakynthos. The water has in Corfu beating in indigo color, while in Zakynthos has a blue "electric" unreal.




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