CLUJ, a cosmopolitan European City

by Marco Marco
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Cluj is like my second home. Although I am established for several years in Belgium, the business often brings me into the country, and more precisely in Cluj. What would you like Cluj? I do not know. But I write what I like. First up is among the most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities in Romania ... yes yes ... do not be surprised. I was born and raised for 25 years in Bucharest but believe me…it’s not a big crap. Instead I feel at home in the heart of Transylvania. The concept of ‘’home’’ is deeply rooted in my soul.

Cluj is civilization, fun and more. Culture here is mixed: Romanian, Hungarian and German. The possibilities for fun are endless, awesome landscape, here's Transylvania Film Festival's historic center, which looks like being detached from a fairytale, even at Christmas time, even in a beautiful spring day.

At chapter'' what to visit’’ I will enumerate several worthy locations:
     - Avram Iancu Square and National Theatre / Orthodox Cathedral
     - Union Square with the famous Catholic Cathedral
     - Botanical Garden "Alexandru Borza"
     - Museum of Ethnography
     - The Pharmacy Museum
     - Babes-Bolyai
     - Citadel (Belvedere)
     - Central Park
     - Museum Square with Matthias birthplace

Besides the museums, cultural centers, parks and other attractions in Cluj , night life has also a big like ! The one I really enjoyed was Obsession The Club, being the biggest club in Transylvania.

At chapter accommodation must admit, I'm a very picky and often exaggerated. Do not imagine I like to swim in luxury but essential for me is the quality comfort, those few hours for sleep per night (due to job) also the quality of service, how good is the mattress, how tasty the food is, how I am treated considering the price I paid and so on. I am kind of tired of so called hotels that claim to have good service and what I personally admire and definitely I will come back is one of the hotels that capture my eyes and obviously my interest. I have to say that fully deserves its name: Hotel Paradis, meaning Hotel Paradise, a 4 stars hotel, close to the frenzy of the city center, shopping area and everything you need. Has a super nice spa, clearly competing with those from other countries I’ve been and Arcimboldo restaurant, located in the hotel, has a great team, a food, a menu that honestly deserves more than grade 10. Not only food, but also the way in which you are treated, the nice location, ambient…the friendliness of the staff…even if you're grumpy, people here respect you and respect them as image. Rooms are simple, airy, spacious and with a youthful air. I have only good words for this hotel.

Cluj, therefore for me it's a special place where I always find what I like: beautiful and sociable people, super scenery, great accommodation, new places and quality food in the heart Transylvania. :)

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