Blue Dragon River, Portugal

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The photographer Steve Richards has made this unique image that hundreds of sites have taken over and skeptics launched all kinds of assumptions, such that it would not be real, or it would be processed in Photoshop....well this is the Blue Dragon River in Portugal, also know as Odeleite River - due to its dark blue color and curvy shape.

This picture is quite true and not faked. In the picture you can see the Blue Dragon River in Portugal, so spectacular because of its shape. Steve Richards claims to have his picture on his way to fly to Faro, Portugal. It seems that somewhere in Europe, in the far western part of the continent, was this giant blue dragon hidden . Many people say it is a fake, but the photographer retains the statement: picture is real as can be'' just a little "saturated".

"Know that it is a photo of a real place, I caught her during the flight from Cardiff to Faro. Color blue is water that reflects the sky and the white spots are, of course, the clouds. Strong colors are from a photo processing program: Topaz Adjust 4 ", writes Steve Richards in the explanation below the photo. He claims to saturated the colorof photograph precisely because the form of the dragon to come further out.

Every year, many tourists from around the world, especially from the southern Spain go in the Odeleite region in search of the famous Blue Dragon River.

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