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by emanuel datcu
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I flew to Santiago de Chile from Paris and the flight is more than 14 hours and a half. The beautiful part is that for more than 3 hours you are flying over the Andes Mountains, so the feeling must be beautiful or not.  

Chile is situated between two mountain ranges and from this point of view is guarded by all parts so be careful with ur luggage and do not have any kind of food, especially fruits. The airport is modern but dusty, like the one in Dubai :). Once you get past security in the airport you will find some stores to shop for good quality silver lapis lazuli jewellery...prices are very very good, with a couple of dollars you could buy 3 pieces.

In other news the way into town is ok, normal highway, the traffic is ok. After we arrived at the hotel, I did a city tour that began in Plaza de Arma. It is the main square of the city and is typical of the Spanish organization in South America. All cities had weapons market, cathedral and government palace. In Santiago palace is called "La Moneta". Argentine Restaurants have excellent beef and the plates are enormous.

Long-distance buses in Chile have enviable reputation for punctuality year, efficiency and comfort, although prices are high between companies. Meanwhile Chile in the winter can be a wonderland for skiers or Chile's southern charms, Including Torres del Paine and the Lakes District, is best visited in summer, December through March. If your are going to be in Puerto Montt, you must visit Chiloe, which is a wonderful island with the famous "palafitos" that are houses made out of wood that are built on the sea. It will take you about 30 min. to get there from Puerto Montt. There you have to taste their typical "curanto" which is a seafood dish that you'll never forget, they cook it with hot stonesJ The Hotel Orly it is in a very good location for public transport, buses and subway it’s  also on a major road so it is good for getting to the airport and back. I recommend to take the "Tren del Vino" means the train of wine, it;s a tour, a lovely trip into the past. Driven by a locomotive built in 1913, you travel along the main vineyards, tasting a selection of wines and a Chilean cocktail onboard, lunch and so one. U can book it online, its more simple and cheaper, around 100 dollars. The Casablanca valley is between Santiago and Valparaiso so a day trip here, to stop for a glass of wine and a lunch will be great. What I definitely recommend is to visit Cerro San Cristobal, Museo Precolombino, the Plaza de Armas and the Mercado Central and the Feria de Artesania Los Dominicos. Vina Beach trip - is about 2 hours by bus from Santiago and a more cheap option is another beach, but not so cool, Valpo every 30 min leaving from Santiago and the price is approximately 3 dollars.

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