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Traveling across the world, may be less expensive than you imagined. You can see incredibly beautiful places, you can meet interesting people, you can experience the unimaginable or you can learn new foreign languages, discovering many exciting cultures, and all of that, using less money.

To do this, you must prepare the trip, itinerary and accommodations, and to arrange the way to have money and food during the trip. For a longer adventure, you should start the preparations at least 6 months in advance.

In the following, we will present 20 ways, hopefully useful, to prove you, how with a little luck and a skillful mind, you can see the world, if not totally free, at least with less money invested.

No.1 - Create your own free blog

Nothing is nicer than having your personal blog, in which you describe your future travel adventures, which are your skills and hobbies, or what you know exactly to do, so you could get money, food, and accommodation during the trip. You will not believe how many people are interested in what you write or for example, maybe a hotel or guesthouse will contact you, to benefit from your services.

No. 2 - Access the "House sitting" service

This service is designed to take care of other people home, when they leave for a short period of time. You take care of pets, such as dogs or cats, in exchange for an unpaid stay in the property. Generally, a contract is signed during your stay, so both parties are protected. This is very advantageous for owners too, because they do not spend money to ensure the guard of the house, while they are traveling. In addition, some insurance companies may cancel the policy if the house is left empty for more than a month. Examples of sites:http://www.housesitmatch.com/http://www.housesittersamerica.com/;  http://www.mindmyhouse.com/. The majority of sites require registration and the annual fee is not exceeding $ 150.

No.3 - Try ‘’Home exchange’’

Home exchange is how to use your own home to save money when traveling. Although it is a bit risky, in some civilized countries, this system is highly developed. Basically, providing accommodation in your own home to other travelers is the way to receive in exchange accommodation in their home. On the websites www.homeexchange.com/ and http://www.homeforexchange.com, you will find more information. The idea is that the majority of sites require registration and an annual fee, not exceeding $ 150.

No.4 - Work as an ‘’Au-pair’’

This means that you can help in the household of various families. For example you can provide some lessons of foreign languages to children of these families, and in exchange, they will provide free accommodation and meals, and hopefully they will give you some money too.

No. 5 - Try Work exchange

Have you ever thought that you can work in various farms in the world, you can help picking tomatoes, apples or grapes, learn how to have a healthy lifestyle, all of these almost free? Well, that happens on http://wwoofinternational.org/ or on http://www.helpx.net/. On these sites you will find all kinds of farms that offer food and free accommodation, in exchange for your services to help the smooth running of the farm.

No. 6 - Enroll as a volunteer

This sounds promising: to see the farthest realms, extraordinarily beautiful, without investing money…and may be so, but no matter how tempting it may seem, you should know that is a big responsibility. You must do your research carefully, take care in what type of volunteer project you will enroll and especially to avoid the conflict areas, where might be attacks or might be affected by various diseases. Some volunteer websites: http://www.peacecorps.gov/http://www.unv.org/www.seaturtles.org or http://www.conservationvolunteers.com.au/.

No. 7 - Teach English

If you are a native speaker of English or you learned it very well, try to structure your knowledge in a short course. Many summer schools offer short foreign languages courses, so offer your services as a trainer and you will be paid. It is best to look for tiny schools in provincial cities, and certainly you’ll not need certifications. If you have certificates of foreign languages, be sure to find them a place in your blog, because your hosts to be able to know your abilities, even before you get to destination. Try to get in advance: TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

No. 8 - Train as a missionary

This work is not for everyone. The job of a missionary is not profitable; on the contrary, maybe you have to support yourself, whatever the situation is. It can also be extremely risky, exhausting and without material satisfaction. However, the fulfillment comes from the heart and people who are missionaries have a special gift, which it exercised by giving hope, without expecting anything in return, and this is called dedication, and obviously not all of us can do that, with such involvement and devotion.

No. 9 - Become a travel guide

In the cities where you want to travel, offer your services as a guide. Read as much as you can about the respective cities on the internet, develop your communication skills and contact the agencies offering trips "on a budget". Sure would be interested in the services of an inexpensive guide, but well prepared. To practice, make a short presentation of some cities on your own blog.

No. 10 - Learn to cook

Cook traditional dishes from different parts of the world and you will find always families eager to offer you free accommodation and food, in return to cook and teach them how. Try to contact the tiny pensions. They will be happy to offer their guests, some short cooking classes. You can put in your blog some preparations cooked by you.

No. 11 - Offer your services as a photographer

Being out on a journey in which you want your pictures to "let the world stunned", you should take with you a good camera, so you may offer your services as a photographer.  Make professional photos for various guesthouses / hostels where you want to stay, and sure some will offer free accommodation, especially if the pictures are gorgeous.

No. 12 - Offer your services as a "travel writer"

Various guesthouses and small inns where you want to accommodate need quality content of their websites or maybe some of them even require a website. So what could be nicer than to earn some bucks by doing something so beautiful?!

No. 13 - Offer your services as an instructor

Teach the children to ski, ride a bike, to prepare effectively their backpack for travel and you’ll get paid. A useful site where you can find such opportunities is: http: // www.adventurework.co.uk/.

No. 14 – Only if you're good at surfing

If you like to undulate on the waves and manage to not fall too often into the water, then this job fits you perfectly! All you have to do is to become a surfing instructor and you can travel to the most beautiful places in the world. Take a look here: http://www.surferliving.com/.

No. 15 - Get a job on a cruise ship

Whether you're a bartender, waiter, chef, dancer, maid or any job you have, which can be practiced on a cruise ship, this is your chance! Cruise ships have many stops, which makes you see the world far and wide.

No. 16 - Participate in contests

There are many companies that offer free trips. The only requirement is to write detailed reports of travel. In fact, even if you don’t win, it will be a pleasant experience, because while writing, you will remind the beautiful moments of your travels.

No. 17 - Become a "secret client"

Some companies test the hotel and restaurants services, need some ‘’secret clients’’ who go to test the quality of service and friendliness of the staff. The good news is that these companies pay well and you will eat or accommodate for free. The rule is that your reports to be objective and reflect the reality. However, do not be too strict with the staff, because after the report made by you, someone may lose his job, and I'm sure you do not want this to happen.

No. 18 - Find accommodation in villages or towns close to big cities

By doing this, you'll save a lot of money, people there will be more helpful and willing to help, and you can stay at different guesthouses, where if you're lucky, you can stay there for free if you help the owners in various household chores.

No. 19 - Offer your services to small restaurants

If you are gone on a trip, why not make some money and to tie new friendships? Well, you can wash dishes, you can receive customers, or you can offer the menus at one of the small family restaurants. Usually these are among the most popular and crowded, so surely will need an extra apprentice!

No. 20 - Visit all that is free

Did you know that in many museums with expensive entrances, on Mondays and Sundays you can enter for free? Many of them have free entrance, so you will not give a fortune and you’ll see on what many give a lot of money. Learn from the locals which are the best and cheapest places to spend your time, because they always know best.



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Posted Feb 09, 2015

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